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Geeks in the Garden: 5 Cool Gardening Gadgets

Most gardeners are considered among the world’s most charming snobs. Rightly so, as with the mathematicians or musicians the more the gardeners spend the time in the garden, the more elegant they get at their work. This has led the people to believe that geeks, the people who are more into studying, technology, or coding stuff don’t garden, which is completely false.

There are geeks who love plants and even want to have their own garden with various species of plants in it. If you’re a geek who loves plants and are looking to make your garden this article will help you become the perfect gardener. This article will focus on specific gadgets that could bring your love for technology into your outdoor garden to have a perfect outdoor (or indoor) oasis.

Parrot Flower Power Sensor

The parrot flower power sensor is a device that is capable of monitoring and assessing the needs of your plants. The device can be fixed in a pot or on the ground near the plant that needs to be monitored and it then starts monitoring four essential parameters that are essential for the plant’s health. The parrot flower power sensor monitors the sunlight received by the plant, the temperature around the plant, the amount of fertilizer in the soil, and the water or the moisture present in the soil.

Whenever the plant needs attention or whenever there is any change in the conditions that can hamper the growth of the plant, the device sends a notification to your smartphone highlighting the problems or the thing that you need to focus on. You’ll get notified on when to water the plant when to put fertilizer, when to put your plant out in the sunlight, and even reports that state the plant’s growth.

Tertill Weeding Robot

This device is a robot that literally resides in your garden and prevents the weeds from getting into your garden. Using unique design elements and a number of sensors, the robot guards your garden avoiding plants and obstacles while finding weeds to eliminate from the garden. The device has a sensor that searches for weed or small plants and through a weed whacker, it removes the plant.

The robot has a sturdy design and has solar panels on the top to get energy. You needn’t take the device inside and charge it through a plug point, all you need to do is leave the robot outside in the sun and it will charge itself without you even looking at it. After getting charged the device runs on its own and searches for weeds to get rid of from the garden.

Now, most people would be thinking that this being an automatic robot there are chances that it might get stuck in the wet soil of the garden, but the Tertill robot has a four wheel drive mechanism that helps it move forward in all types of terrains. It can move easily in wet soil, it can move through sand, and it can even climb efficiently.

Oya Plant Waterer

If you love to garden, but you’re worried about wasting a lot of water while watering the plant then the Oya plant waterer is one of the best devices you can get. It’s an old-school terracotta vessel that could be filled with water and buried in the ground of your garden. The waterer then waters your plants day in and day out from beneath the soil, which ensures no extra water is wasted and the plants get water regularly.

The bottle shaped terracotta vessel has a porous surface that leaks very small amounts of water all the time. It releases the water to a diameter of few feet, where plant roots can reach and have access to the water. These come in three sizes, small, medium, and large, you can get one for your garden depending on the size of it. If you have a very large garden then you’ll need to get more than one GrowOya waterer.

Robotic Lawn Mower

A report suggests that an average American spends more than 70 hours a year on lawn care, with the most time spent on mowing the lawn. This is why getting a robotic lawn mower can be a good idea that could not only mow your garden to perfection but also will save a lot of your precious time that you would have spent on mowing the lawn.

There are various types and kinds of robotic mowers available in the market now and each of them has different specifications. Some of the robotic lawn mowers are charged directly from a plug point while some have solar panels to get charged when in the out, some of them are larger is size while some are smaller and compact, all you need to do is just get one that fits your needs.

Grobo Indoor Garden

If you want to grow your own fruits, vegetables, or medicines at your home but don’t have resources to do so then the Grobo indoor garden is a device that you should have. It has a simple set and forget operation that helps in growing any plant inside it. The device also doubles up as a display case to showcase what you’ve grown in your own personal garden.

The device is very easy to use and all you need to do is put the seeds of the plant you need to grow in the soil bed present in the device and then insert nutrient capsules in the bottom compartment of the device, and now just turn the device on and forget. From there everything is taken care of by the device including monitoring the growth of the plant, adjusting to the conditions, providing sunlight and various things.

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